Frequently Asked Questions
What is Xistance?
Xistance is a private space to build pages for yourself and for loved ones in order to preserve life’s adventures, stories, and family history for future generations. We created Xistance specifically with family history preservation in mind. Through timelines, photo albums, videos, journals, family trees, maps, DNA mapping, and other features, you are able to broadly record your life and the lives of your loved ones.
How is Xistance different from other social media?
At Xistance, we encourage smaller networks of family and close friends as connections (people you actually know). A smaller, more intimate group of connections allows you to be honest and authentic as you document your life. Your Xistance should include important moments and memories from your life’s journey that have contributed to the person you are today. We also prioritize your privacy, and we mean it. Once you are logged into your Xistance profile, everything that happens is completely private. Your profile will not show up on any search engines, and we won’t track your activity. You can even make your profile unsearchable within the Xistance network; just change your privacy settings on your profile card.
I already use a genealogy research platform (Ancestry, MyHeritage, Geni, etc.), why do I need to add Xistance?
That’s great! Where do you store all the research that you’ve done with these sites? How do you share the information with other family members? That’s where Xistance comes in. We want to make it really easy for you to organize all your family history research and share it with your family. Putting this research on Xistance ensures that your research will be saved and shared with future generations.
Is it cloud based?
The content is stored on cloud servers to provide the utmost security and reliability.
Can my family see my page without paying for an Xistance account?
Content can only be shared with other Xistance users.
Which file formats are supported for media uploads?
At this time jpg, png and pdf.
How do I allow a friend to see my page?
Your friend must also be a subscriber to Xistance. By locating your friend in the search box and choosing to add them as a connection your friend will have an opportunity to accept your invitation. Once connected, you will have access to all public content on each other’s pages.
Can I add pages for others?
You may choose to create pages for family or close relations. Those pages will be linked to your primary profile. Active pages will allow you to add content just as you do for your own page.
How much does it cost?
The site is free for the remainder of 2017. There will eventually be a small monthly charge beginning sometime in 2018. Users will receive an email with all of the relevant information.
What happens to my pages if I die?
If you have set up a contact to whom your page should be bequeathed, we will provide information to that person to have access to your pages. You control the level of access. If you do not wish for them to see material you posted as private, they will not have access to that content. Your page will be converted to a legacy page where friends may offer condolences and your designee can post your obituary.
How do I change my billing method?
Once subscriptions are established, changing your billing information will be an option under settings / subscription.
How do I save to my local computer?
Under Settings, you will have an option to backup your pages locally.
How do I import information from other genealogy sites?
Initially we can support the storage of screenshots stored as pdfs from other genealogy sites. Going forward we hope to provide more integration with the larger ancestry sites.
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Contact us anytime at; we're happy to help!